The Finnish Education System

The Åland Islands have their own legislation regulating the content of educational programmes, but follow the Finnish education structure. More information about the Finnish education system can be found at studyinfo.fi.

Education System

The Finnish education system consists of pre-school education, comprehensive school, post-comprehensive general and vocational education, higher education, and adult education. Comprehensive school provides a nine-year educational programme (with a voluntary 10th form) for all school-age children, beginning at the age of seven. Post-comprehensive education is provided by general upper secondary schools and vocational institutions. Higher education is provided by 20 universities and 28 universities of applied sciences. Adult education is provided by special institutions, vocational institutions, universities and universities of applied sciences, all of which have a continuing education centre.

University of Applied Sciences

The education offered by Åland UAS emphasizes close contact with business, industry and services, especially at the regional level. The university's degree programmes are designed to meet the changing requirements and development needs of the workplace, having a pronounced occupational emphasis and qualifying graduates for various expert duties. Åland UAS undertakes research and development activities with an applied and practical emphasis. Each degree programme awards 180-270 ECTS credits and takes 3-4.5 years to complete. Each credit is equivalent to 40 hours of work. The university's programmes combine theory, practice and individual experience. Often, at least a one-year internship is included, as is international exchange.


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