Maritime Academy

Maritime education on the Åland Islands has a proud tradition and includes extensive courses for active sailors and young people who want to enter a maritimeprofession. Åland Maritime Academy is responsible for maritime education in Åland.

Åland Maritime Academy offers programmes and courses that lead to the awarding of different certificates of competency required to work on board a ship, as well as refresher courses for working seafarers that are required under international regulations.

Three sections

Åland Maritime Academy consists of three sections: upper secondary-level programmes offered by the Maritime College (Sjöfartsgymnasiet), University of Applied Sciences programmes offered by Åland UAS, and open courses offered by the Maritime Safety Center and Åland UAS.

Programmes and Courses

Upper secondary-level programmes

Deck and engine repairman
Electro-technical rating
Engine officer
Deck officer

University of Applied Sciences programmes

Electro-technical Engineering
Marine Engineering
Master Mariner


Maritime courses at Maritime Safety Center

Åland Maritime Academy offers:

  • Scandinavia's largest school ship
  • Engine hall and laboratory
  • Navigation simulator with complete bridge equipment
  • Engine simulator with complete control room and engine room
  • Safety training in an indoor pool, port for training, and fire training facility
  • Workshops for metal work, maintenance and other vessel work
  • Automation, electronics and electricity lab

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