Open University

Academic courses and further education through lectures and seminars

About Open University

Open University offers a wide selection of courses accessible to everyone. The approximately 100 academic courses and seminars held each year require no prior studies. Among other academic courses, the school offers further training for teachers, managers and other professions.

Generally, Open University courses are held on weekends. As most lecturers live elsewhere, the courses are usually held on Friday nights and Saturdays, which enables students and people in full-time work to participate.

Over the last few years, nearly 2,000 new students have registered with the school. Many choose to take optional courses included in the polytechnic's degree programmes, whereas others participate out of curiosity or just for fun.


The courses are designed and held in cooperation with other universities, such as Åbo Akademi University, the Swedish Business University and the University of Art and Design Helsinki. The courses are held in accordance with the requirements of each university.

Open University has no permanent curriculum. Instead, the school strives to hold courses based on its students' wishes. In order to keep students' costs to a minimum, most course books may be borrowed from the library. Open University also provides exam services for those who study elsewhere but who wish to take their exams in Åland, and also arranges language tests.

Open University has something to offer most everyone.

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